Lead Director

Mr. Schafer is the Lead Director of CannRx and is currently the Chairman of Rivulet Capital, an investment management firm. He is a co-founder of O.S.S. Capital Management LP, a private investment partnership which was founded in 2001.  A well-respected Wall Street professional, he has been a longtime participant in the Barron’s Roundtable of top money managers. Previously, Mr. Schafer was a Member of Cumberland Associates and, prior to that, was a General Partner at Steinhardt Partners, which he joined in 1970 as an analyst. He earned a BA, Magna Cum Laude, at Harvard College in 1961 and an MBA at Harvard Business School in 1964. Mr. Schafer serves on the Board of Trustees of New York-Presbyterian Hospital. He is President of the Schafer Family Foundation, which supports the arts and social service organizations. He serves on the Executive Committee of the University Club and is on the Board of the New York Philharmonic, which he serves as chairman of the nominating committee.


Executive Director

Dr. Levine is the Chief Executive Officer of Izun Pharmaceuticals, a privately held company.  Dr Levine is also the director and founder of the Jerusalem Perio Center, the largest and foremost private healthcare facility specializing in the treatment of oral diseases and implantology in Israel. A Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology with nine registered patents, Dr. Levine is a practicing periodontist with over 20 years of clinical experience, and a frequently featured speaker at international forums on periodontal disease and implantology. Dr. Levine is an active board member of several hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel. He received his DDS and Certificate of Periodontology at Columbia University, New York.


Executive Director

Dr. Hahn currently serves as an Executive Director of CannRx.  Dr. Hahn is also the Executive Chairman of Accu-Break Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a privately held company. He also serves as the Executive Director of Izun. Dr. Hahn co-founded and was CEO of Andrx Corporation a NASDAQ listed company which was acquired by Watson Pharmaceuticals (now Actavis) for $1.9 billion in November 2006.   From June 1990 until February 1993, Dr. Hahn was Vice President for Scientific Affairs of IVAX Corp (acquired by Teva Pharmaceuticals), where he was involved in the evaluation and licensing of product opportunities and was responsible for maintaining IVAX’s intellectual property. Before joining IVAX, Dr. Hahn was an associate professor at The Rockefeller University, an assistant professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and a member of the Institute for Steroid Research at Montefiore Hospital, all in New York City. He has authored or co-authored over sixty peer-reviewed scientific publications. Dr Barry Hahn is his son.



Mr. Lipton has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Inc., a subsidiary of Odimo Inc., since November 1999. Mr. Lipton served as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Odimo Inc. from November 1999 to May 2006. He served as the President of Odimo Acquisition Corp., a subsidiary of Odimo Inc. until May 2006. Before that he operated the Lipton Foundation and served as the Chief Executive Officer of Jan Bell Marketing Inc. He is also involved in various real estate development projects in South Florida. He served as Director of Standard Crushed Stone Industry Limited until November 2010. Mr. Lipton served as Director of Tucows Inc. from August 2001 to November 2006.

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