10 Jul 2017 (Link)

CannRx Technologies and its Parent, Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Announce Israeli Government Appointment of CannRx as Cannabis Analytical Services Lab Provider


20 Mar 2017 (Link)

CannRx and iCAN:Israel-Cannabis Announce Formation of a Joint Venture to Market the First Advanced Sleep Cannabis Formulation: ican.sleep



28 Apr 2015 (Link)

CannRx Technology Partner Receives ISO 17025 Laboratory Certification.

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30 July 2014 (PDF)

Dr. Barry Hahn presents the CannRx concept via webinar to members of the Arcview Investor Network.  The presentation was received with overwhelmingly positive feedback from investors.


01 July 2014

CannRx enters negotiations with a cannabis grower.  The grower was licensed in 2005 by the Ministry of Health to grow and distribute medical cannabis to authorized patients and maintains a live gene bank of approximately 200 different varieties.  A term sheet is currently in progress.


01 May 2014

Izun Pharma Ltd initiates ISO 17025 certification process for its laboratory.  This coveted certification is expected to be granted in Jan 2015.


01 May 2014

Development of a rapid, on-site testing kit is initiated by Izun Pharma Ltd on behalf of CannRx.  This test will be marketed to growers/ dispensaries/ consumers/ law enforcement authorities on a world-wide basis.


25 March 2014

The CannRx and Izun Board of Directors and Executive Management team pass resolutions paving the way for the establishment of CannRx as subsidiary of Izun Pharmaceuticals Corp. Izun Pharmaceuticals Corp is a Delaware C-corp with offices in Manhattan. R&D is being performed by Izun Pharma Ltd., located in Israel.


18 March 2014

Izun Pharma Ltd (IPL) files a patent with an exclusive license to CannRx. The patent is for a novel delivery system to capture active cannabinoids and deliver more effective and more accurate cannabis-based medications by various means, including purified solutions or oils for vaporizers, solid oral tablets or capsules.


01 February 2014

Initial focus group and market research is conducted to determine the nature of laboratory analytics and quality reports in order to assist in designing test kits and analytic reports required by regulatory authorities and distributors.


27 January 2014

Izun Pharma Ltd completes the development of highly accurate and reproducible analytical assays. These tests include THC, THCa, CBD, CBDa, CBN, CBG, CBGa.


30 October 2013

CannRx is registered as a Delaware C-Corporation headquartered at 5 Columbus Circle, 8th Floor, New York, NY.


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