CannTrap is the company’s proprietary molecular structure-binding technology delivery system that offers faster absorption, consistent dosing, controlled therapeutic effects, and increased stability. This is made possible by the ability to enhance cannabinoid binding with a hydrophilic protein. This creates a water-soluble solid nanoparticle. The data from a pharmacokinetic animal study proved that using CannTrap with cannabis-derived products increases bioavailability up to 100 percent.

Typically, the bioavailability of cannabis is around 6 to 18 percent. Further, it can typically take up to two hours after ingestion to the maximum benefit. CannTrap can reduce this period to 30 minutes. If taken sublingually, the user can benefit as quickly as 5 minutes.

With higher bioavailability, faster absorption, and prolonged effects mean safer products and greater control for the user with dosing. Additionally, there are reduced side effects. CannRx is one of the few companies that is clinically proven and ideal for both medical and adult-use industries. This is a revolutionary technology that can help improve almost any product. The next stage is to start human trials which will begin within the next year.

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